Video Content For SEO Link Building

Content marketing is critical to SEO, and video content can generate inbound links and web traffic.Though video content, itself, can’t be crawled by search engines, it has SEO benefits.

Videos are highly shared across the web, and marketers who include rich descriptions and keywords in video titles can also benefit from video platform search visibility and a presence on the video results section of Google. Additionally, adding text transcripts of video content posted on a website can improve the SEO value it has for the site. Pairing video with written content, whether an article or well-written metadata, has proven to be a strong SEO strategy for businesses, with video listings appearing in the top 100 listings for more than 70 percent of searches, according to Marketingweek.

Branded Video Content

For content to stand out, businesses must differentiate their material from other companies, especially competitors. Some methods that have worked are innovative series that develop fictional characters or storylines centered around a specific product. Other campaigns essentially as commercials for a business, such as Red Bull’s campaign that features extreme sports athletes, or serve as how-to’s that establish thought leadership.

More examples of successful branded video content include:

Popular Video Distribution Platforms

Video hosting can be difficult for businesses, however, using popular video-sharing websites can help companies lessen the technical burden and integrate video with social media marketing campaigns. Among the most popular video-sharing services are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Daily Motion
  • Metacafe
  • Viddler