Melody is a professional photographer specializing in weddings and engagements, and offering commercial photography, architectural photography, real estate photography, editorial photography, family and senior portraits,based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Melody has been in business for over 16 years, capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

The Challenge: Melodyrobbinsphotography had only one key word ranked in top 50 when they contacted Agreed Technologies. Their goal was very clear: to achieve Top 5 or Top 10 rankings on Google for their primary keywords.  All other ranking increases would be considered a bonus. Below are the keywords they ranked in Google SERPs.

  • #67 on Google for “Event photographer Charlottesville”
  • #117 on Google for “Best wedding photographer in Charlottesville”
  • #20 on Google for “Best commercial photographer in Charlottesville”
  • #128 on Google for “Charlottesville maternity photography”
  • #97 on Google for “Best Children photographer in Charlottesville”

The Strategy

The strategy that was implemented for Melodyrobbinsphotographywas to do a complete re structuringof their web site, consulting with their internal web developers to implement additional “search engine-friendly” structural elements into the site and to increase the site’s link popularity. We also provided quality contents for creating quality backlinks.

The Melodyrobbinsphotography site was mostly flash contents and lacked keyword density. We started by identifying keywords and assigning the keywords to specific pages that were available in the site.  If those pages lacked keyword density to support the keywords, Melodyrobbinsphotographywould re-write the content on those pages. After these steps were complete,Agreed Technologies consulted with their web developers so they could implement the SEO methodology themselves (Agreed Technology wrote all META tags and other proprietary parts of the methodology).

The Results

After two months, Melodyrobbinsphotographywas extremely pleased with the results of the campaign.  Three keywords ranked in top 10. The quick improvement in keywords ranking exceeded their expectations. All these were achieved in 2 months. In next 4 months we hope to achieve top 10 ranking for all the primary keywords.

Keyword position Local
May’16 August ‘16 Jan ‘17
Wedding Photographer Charlottesville 70 28 1
Best wedding photographer Charlottesville 117 22 1 Also in the top 3 local pack
Best Event photographer Charlottesville 11 6 Also in the top 3 local pack
Best commercial photographer Charlottesville 20 6 1 Also in the top 3 local pack
Charlottesville engagement photography 65 19 8
Best family photographer Charlottesville 23 9 9 also in the top 3 local pack
Best engagement photographer Charlottesville 43 7 5 also in the top 3 local pack
Best Children photographer Charlottesville 97 29 7
commercial photographer Charlottesville 12 3 Also in the top 3 local pack
architectural photographer in Charlottesville 22 10
Event photographer Charlottesville 67 25 8
​​Photographer Charlottesville 109 43 10