We specialize in modernizing and streamlining existing systems and integrating new IT systems. Our goal: to facilitate the production, distribution, sales and trading operations of oil and natural gas companies. Agreed Technologies partners with oil and gas producers, distributors and retailers, responding to the dramatic evolution of the oil and gas industry.

  • Energy Trading/Risk Management

    Our energy trading capabilities combined with industry-leading financial trading expertise can help oil and gas companies better manage and profit from their assets while protecting against market volatility.

  • Divestiture/M&A Management

    Given our experience of managing hundreds of major projects for integrations and divestitures in the oil and gas space, we are skilled at guiding the migration and transformation of large IT systems—including infrastructure, applications and data. We provide seasoned program management teams to manage these large-scale transitions.

  • Hydrocarbon Management

    Oil and gas companies can tap our broad cross-industry knowledge to develop processes, tools, systems and applications for tracking and managing hydrocarbon and waste emissions to meet environmental regulatory requirements.

  • Operations Management

    Whether it’s adopting a single, scalable platform for manufacturing IT solutions, solving process bottlenecks, or providing actionable insight into operations, we can optimize all aspects of managing your plant. Agreed Technologies services straddle the operations‑to‑enterprise spectrum. Our solutions include complete lifecycle services, including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Quality Management Systems (QMS), in addition to manufacturing intelligence and business integration services. We help solve your process automation challenges with end to end control system offerings that include:

    • Maturity assessment
    • Control system architecture
    • DCS/PLC engineering
    • SCADA/HMI development
    • Support and maintenance
    • Product engineering services in process control and automation
  • Mobility

    Our expertise in mobile technologies helps oil and gas companies deliver information to their workforces, no matter where they are. Real-time facilities monitoring, operations management, augmented reality and field workforce management are just a few of the areas where Agreed Technologies mobility solutions have been deployed effectively.

  • Environmental Health and Safety

    Manage your production facilities, pipelines, refineries and distribution facilities more intelligently, predictively and in real-time with new wireless, mobile, and big data analytics technologies. We can help you monitor and maintain your infrastructure to ensure operational safety and environmental protection.

In the highly digital world, consumers are becoming increasingly connected. The convergence of network devices and content is the key. Telecommunications service providers need to focus on finding and retaining the digital consumers while focusing on driving growth and cost savings to stay viable. Besides, global telecommunications industry is becoming highly competitive.

These unprecedented changes from both market and technology advancements is forcing the telecommunication service providers to keep up with innovation. To sustain and thrive in this market, companies cannot avoid these changes.

With its sharp focus on customer centricity, Agreed Technologies takes responsibility for the quality and efficiency of your networks and processes allowing you to concentrate on new service offerings and expansion of your customer base. We provide an array of managed services in telecom that help you serve your customers better and stay competitive in the market. Our competitive business model and ability to drive operational excellence with proactive maintenance will help you enhance your customer’s experience by ensuring the availability of networks and quality of your services.

  • Business Enhancement Solutions

    If network services are not a core competency of a company, why invest substantial sums to build and maintain this capability? Concentrate instead on applications that support the business focus of the firm.

  • Risk Mitigation solutions

    Increasingly, risk minimization is a driving business strategy. Service-level agreements offered by most outsourcing companies keep cost risk at bay. Security services keep downtime and lost productivity risks to a minimum and mitigate the chances of liability due to the compromise of client or corporate data.

  • Network Availability Solutions

    Many early signs of instability are often ignored because they deal with end-user complaints rather than true operations. Yet, rising numbers of calls about initial problems being reported should not be taken lightly. Often, they are indicators of more troublesome underlying problems.

  • Regulatory Compliance Solutions

    If an industry comes under the purview of new, expansive regulatory compliance requirements, the demands of meeting new certifications can be overwhelming. Rather than maintaining a well-run network, operators will find themselves drawn into deciphering the implications of often vaguely worded regulations.

  •  Reorganization Solutions

    Intra-organizational changes–like re-engineering efforts or whole-scale reorganizations–can have profound effects on network operations even though these may not be immediately apparent. Extra-organizational changes like acquiring and integrating new firms into a single coherent and efficient organization also can put enormous demands on network operations.

  • Reduce TCO

    Outsourcing results in predictable monthly costs, usually on a per-device basis, rather than month-to-month fluctuations driven by demand. Eliminating a network operations center (NOC) or avoiding the cost of building an internal NOC capability can provide immediate and substantial cost savings.

  • Resource segregation

    Once the day-to-day network services are outsourced, internal staff are free to concentrate on strategic company projects, rather than reactive infrastructure and telecom management and deployment activities.

Government agencies strive to simplify IT services management and accommodate growth with flexibility and streamlined administration. Our Data Center IT Outsourcing Services empower your organization to transition into a nimble IT operation by offloading critical applications and data to more efficient and scalable infrastructure architectures.

By letting Agreed Technologies Services manage your workloads in the IT domain, we ensure high availability, system reliability and around-the-clock security, compliance, and data protection.

Our skilled service professionals use best-practice management tools and operating processes to give you centralized control and automation so you can respond to agency needs rapidly.

We can help:

  • Accelerate transformation to efficient, cost-effective infrastructures
  • Improve service levels
  • Boost productivity
  • Put best practices into action
  • Provide relief to overtaxed workers
  • lower cost of IT operation
  • Reduce risk and improve security
  • Standardize service delivery and processes
  • Improve end-user satisfaction

Our services include:

  • Platform management

    Flexible server virtualization and platform optimization outsourcing services to reduce IT expenses and improve service levels.

  • Data storage, protection and management

    Sophisticated storage solutions to help you optimize the way data is stored, protected and managed.

  • Enhanced information security

    Around-the-clock, front-line defense against data security breaches, virus outbreaks, and malicious or abusive computer use.

  • Data center management

    Scalable data center hosting with 24×7 on-site management and remote monitoring to increase system reliability and availability.

  • Disaster recovery and agency continuity

    Comprehensive disaster recovery and agency continuity to safeguard against risks, threats and disruptive events.

Financial institutions understand that their technology infrastructure is the backbone of their service delivery and overall consumer experience. Agreed Technologies helps hundreds of financial institutions maintain a high-performance IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable, scalable and optimized for maximum speed and efficiency.

Performance Solutions
Leveraging the best-practice expertise, industry knowledge and proven scale that only Agreed Technologies can offer, our banking Solutions provide a robust combination of innovative infrastructure solutions based on proven processes and technologies for network services, ATM support services, network security services, hardware, and software lifecycle management.

We can help you:

  • Keep pace with continuously evolving technology and consumer expectations
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Deliver the reliability, speed and efficiency your accountholders demand
  • Prevent and mitigate security threats
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Predict and manage the costs associated with your IT infrastructure
  • Focus your valuable resources on growing your business, not maintaining technology

Our Services include:

  • ATM support

    Agreed Technologies has long experience in delivering, customizing, installing and supporting ATMs, and the support is what our customers value the most. We pride ourselves on achieving top uptime rates against competition, and for our ability to support an ATM fleet regardless of location. Our services include:

    • Performance-based preventive maintenance
    • Service performance reporting
    • On-site customer training
    • Customization of products
    • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Network Solutions

    Your data and communications networks are essential to your operations. Agreed Technologies offers leading technology services to meet every aspect of your network-related business requirements. Our services include professional network consulting and design, managed LAN and WAN services, branch and guest wireless services, and 24/7/365 monitoring services from certified experts. We maintain strong relationships with leading telecommunications carriers and network infrastructure providers that give us access to the latest technology and cost savings based on our business volume that we can pass on to clients.

  • Network Security Solutions

    Protecting your network and your sensitive data is critical to maintaining your role as a trusted financial services provider in the communities you serve. Agreed Technologies can implement a layered approach to your network security requirements with solutions that address all aspects of network security. These include employee awareness training, on-site vulnerability assessments, physical facility security recommendations, workstation protection, software management, and email relay and scanning services.

  • Hardware and Software Life Cycle Management

    Agreed Technologies takes the hassle out of equipping and maintaining your computing environment by managing the entire process for you. Our services cover servers, workstations, desktops, applications and peripheral devices, coordinating the procurement and implementation process of your Agreed Technologies and third-party solutions.