Step 1 : Sign Up

sign in using your gmail account on

Go to
Click on “Access Google Analytics” on top right corner

image (2)






The following screen will appear:

Click on “sign up”

image (3)



image (4)








  • For Website name, you can simply use your URL if you wish.
  • For Website URL – just type in your website address
  • Pick your time zone and industry.
  • Click on “Get Tracking ID”
  • Accept the pop-up service agreement
Step 2: Installing Tracking Code
 you’ll get the following screen:                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       image (5)






  • install the Google Analytics for WordPress Plugin
  • under Settings, manually enter your UA code (copy paste your code that you get i.e the code under “Trackind ID” in above screen shot )
In case you are not using WORDPRESS:
  • Copy the code Google displays for you (it includes your unique UA code).
  • Paste EXACTLY THAT before the ending tag in your HTML code.
    QUICK TIP: Just do a search within the code to find this tag – “Ctrl+F” on a PC or “Command+F” on a Mac. In the Find box, type “</head>” (minus quotes)
  •  As Google says, Most websites re-use one file for common content, so it’s likely that you won’t have to place the code snippet on every single page of your website.
  • Wait for Google to recognize the installed code (can take a few hours to one day). When everything is installed correctly – “Tracking Status” will read “Receiving Data.”